Author Guidelines

The manuscripts submitted to Turkish Journal of Mathematics Education (TUJME) should satisfy the conditions indicated below. Otherwise, manuscripts will be sent back to the authors.

1.The manuscript should not have been published previously or should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

2. Papers submitted to the journal should be in Microsoft Word format. For the articles submitted to the system, two separate files are requested from authors. The first file containing the main text should not include author information or the history of the study (such as an extended version of an abstract or produced from a thesis). In the second file, a Title Page should be prepared by the author(s) and the authors' institutional information, e-mail addresses and ORCID information should be included.

3. After the papers submitted to the journal in Turkish are accepted for publication, the authors will be asked to translate the entire study into English. If the papers submitted to the journal in English for the first time are accepted, the authors will not be asked for the Turkish version of the original English paper.

4. Submitted papers should comply with the following spelling rules:

a. In writings, the spelling guide of the Turkish Language Association should be taken as an example, and instead of foreign words, words and expressions common to the Turkish world should be used as much as possible. When words that are uncommon in Turkish are used in the text, their foreign language equivalents should be given in parentheses (Turkish and English) whenever they are first mentioned.

b. Articles should include title, abstract, keywords, main text (introduction, theoretical/conceptual framework, method, findings, discussion and conclusion, recommendations), references, and appendices( if any).

c. Title: It should be written in 12-point bold letters, not exceeding 15 words, and the first letter of each word should be capitalized and the other letters should be lowercase. For papers submitted to the system in Turkish, English titles and abstracts are not required in the first submission. Turkish titles will not be written for studies written in English.

d. Abstract and keywords: For studies prepared in Turkish native language, keywords will be written below the abstract in Turkish, between 150-250 words, before the introduction section. Turkish abstracts will not be written for studies written in English.

Note: Authors must send the English versions of Turkish studies after publication acceptance. Language checking (proofreading) of the English version is the responsibility of the author. Articles that are linguistically inadequate will not be published until language validity is ensured.

e. Main text: The main text should include introduction, method, findings, discussion and conclusion, and recommendations, if any. In compilation type studies, literature-based reviews and translations, appropriate headings should be used by the author, taking into account the purpose and dimensions of the study (See the examples in the article format file for the tables and figures to be included in the main text).

f. References: References should start from a new page and be written in accordance with APA 6 writing style. (Click for sample representations).

See the manuscript template