Mathematics Teachers’ Understanding of the Concept of Mathematical Fluency



Mathematical fluency, Mathematics teachers, Conceptions


Although fluency is a widely used concept to describe a student's reading ability, its use in mathematics curriculum is relatively new. Given that mathematics has a language of its own, it makes sense for teachers to want students to be fluent and able to convey what they understand. In this sense, fluency is an important aspect of students' ability to work mathematically. Students need not only to develop knowledge of mathematical concepts, but also to demonstrate this knowledge by working with mathematical processes. Therefore, determining the opinions of teachers about this concept will shed light on determining the features such as determining, monitoring and evaluating mathematical fluency in students, as well as identifying the points needed for future learning. In addition, as a result of the literature review, the scarcity of studies on the concept of mathematical fluency in our country draws attention, and it is thought that the current research will contribute to the field. For this purpose, with this study, both how mathematics teachers define the term "mathematical fluency" and their knowledge and beliefs about this concept were determined. The study has a sequential explanatory design from mixed method typologies. The study was carried out with a total of 60 elementary and secondary school mathematics teachers working in different provinces of Turkey, an online questionnaire was applied to all teachers and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 12 selected teachers in virtual environments. In the analysis and presentation of the data obtained, descriptive statistics and content analysis techniques were used, which provide an explanatory and exploratory orientation to the research. As a result, it was found that both teachers have different perspectives (between each other) and complex understandings (within themselves) that match different ends of the traditional and contemporary spectrum regarding mathematical fluency.



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