Preservice Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Evaluations of Microteaching Practices



microteaching, preservice mathematics teachers, teacher training, distance education


In this study, preservice mathematics teachers were provided with experience of online distance education using the microteaching technique, and in this context, the aim was to determine the preservice teachers’ opinions and the difficulties they faced regarding microteaching practices as a result of their microteaching experiences. The study was conducted with 47 preservice teachers studying in the 3rd grade of the Elementary Mathematics Teaching Programme at a state university. Preservice teachers who took the Microteaching course implemented distance education for their classmates via digital platforms. Microteaching practices recorded on video were watched and feedback was given by the instructor and all preservice teachers. After this, the preservice teachers were given the opportunity to make the necessary revisions and give a presentation for the second time. In the study, in which a mixed method approach was adopted, the data collection tools named “Preservice Teachers’ Opinions on Microteaching ” and “Difficulties Experienced by Preservice Teachers in Microteaching ” developed by Kazu (1996) were used for the quantitative data, while an interview form prepared by the researcher was used for the qualitative data. The results of the study revealed that preservice teachers held many positive views on microteaching practices. The preservice teachers stated that watching their own microteaching videos and obtaining feedback from their classmates and instructor about these videos enabled them to improve themselves. Difficulties experienced by preservice teachers were generally at a low level. The most common difficulties were internet connection problems, technological hardware deficiencies, and based on this, the inability to use the stylus effectively. The preservice teachers suggested that students should be allowed to practise in a real classroom in order to make microteaching practices more successful.   



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