Financial Literacy Tasks for the Basic Level Mathematics Curriculum



Financial Literacy, Mathematics Curriculum, Mathematical Tasks, Task Design


Financial literacy, one of the most popular types of literacy, is a rising concept in education. Many countries which are partners of PISA such as the US, Canada, Singapore have initiatives to integrate financial literacy into education. Nevertheless, financial literacy has not been taken place in the education system of Turkey yet despite that Turkey is a partner of PISA as well. The aim of this study is to offer an onset for financial literacy tasks for basic level mathematics courses carried out in the 11th and 12th grades. The study designed as a document creation is shaped according to the learning outcomes and contents of the curriculum. The design is based on the fundamental task design parameters as well as the common processes between mathematical and financial literacies. In the study, tasks were discussed in terms of tasks design parameters and the basic level mathematics curriculum with similar studies. Accordingly, the tasks represent an example of a design in which the use of technology provides an opportunity for reasoning, and that can lead to conceptual understanding through manipulations. Besides, the tasks in this study consider the interaction between mathematics education and financial literacy. Therefore, the tasks sustain financial literacy beyond being a context for mathematical learnıng outcomes. This study expects to demonstrate that such tasks can be integrated into the mathematics courses without interfering with the curriculums.



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