Reflections from a Game-Based Mathematics Teaching Lesson



Game-based mathematics teaching, Area relation in the triangle, 6th grade students


The aim of this study is to examine the discoveries of 6th grade students on creating the area of  triangle and their applications in the problem-solving process through game-based mathematics teaching. The method of the study was taken as a case study since the researcher also served as a teacher while the process in a learning environment was handled in-depth and the lessons were continued. The data were collected through the video recording while the students were playing and the worksheets they filled out after the game. By watching the video recordings, student responses were determined at each stage of the application process, and the answers to the problems were indicated with frequency and percentage tables. It was determined that the game-based teaching method applied in this study had a positive effect on students' interest in mathematics. Students stated that they like to associate mathematics with games. It has been determined that students are more ambitious in group games and they attach importance to cooperation to achieve success. It was determined that the students were able to discover the information with the games in the prepared lesson plan and use the information they discovered in the problems. The results of the research showed that the students were successful in creating the triangle area relation and solving the related problems carried out with game-based mathematics teaching.



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