Examining Attitudinal Traits and Geometry Achievement of the Pre-service Teachers


  • Gideon Mensah Banson Akenten Appiah- Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development
  • Ebenezer Bonyah
  • Francis Ohene Boateng


Attitude, Achievement, Pre-service mathematics teacher, Geometry, Confidence, Enjoyment and Usefulness


The performance of students in geometry has been consistently linked with attitude. Some attitudinal constructs (enjoyment, confidence and usefulness) and their link with pre – service teachers’ achievement in geometry are investigated in this study. This quantitative study employed a questionnaire on the enjoyment, confidence, and usefulness of geometry together with a test on geometry, in order to take data from pre – service teachers. A systematic sampling of 225 pre – service mathematics teachers in second year made up the participants of this study. The results showed that confidence, enjoyment and usefulness were all positive and this indicated a positive attitude of pre – service teachers toward geometry. There was also a negative relationship between their attitude and their performance. However, multiple regression analysis indicated that Confidence was the highest predictor of achievement followed by enjoyment and usefulness.

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Ebenezer Bonyah



Francis Ohene Boateng





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Banson, G. M., Bonyah, E., & Boateng, F. O. . (2023). Examining Attitudinal Traits and Geometry Achievement of the Pre-service Teachers. Turkish Journal of Mathematics Education, 3(3), 51–57. Retrieved from https://tujme.org/index.php/tujme/article/view/66